About Ferveo LLC, the Naming of iferv.com, the Logo, and the Slogan.

Hello world.  This is Peter Tobasco, aka Ferveo Joe.  I created Ferveo LLC. In naming Ferveo LLC’s website, I recognized that the Internet is ubiquitously abbreviated with the letter “i” and spotted that many words deriving from the Latin word “ferveo”, such as fervid, fervor, and fever, start with an arrangement of the letters “f-e-r-v”.  Consequently, in naming the website, I chose to simply combine the Internet’s “i” with Ferveo LLC’s “f-e-r-v” to beget “iferv.com”.

Continuing, for action-takers, iferv is here to serve.  As such, forevermore, I declare iferv to be a verb.  Its meaning?  When you, another, or I iferv, we are going to iferv.com.

After defining what it means to iferv, it was easy to create the logo, for it had already created itself, “I FERV.” As for the logo’s background color, ferveo is an adjective meaning to be boiling, to be passionately excited, to be bold, to be fiery, to be active, to be as a color, well, red.

Lastly, going forward, for all-time, I combine ferveo’s separate meanings and define “to be ferveo,” as in, “she is ferveo,” or “he is ferveo,” as meaning to be excited with threshold-breaking passion causing one’s action rather than a continuance of one’s inaction.  Thus, the slogan, “whenever your passion causes you to act, do as I do, I iferv.”  – Ferveo Joe