Taken from Ferveo Joe’s 1st Blog …


 A thunderous voice shouted out a mission to me while I laid asleep in bed one winter’s night in early-March 2018.  The commander that was directing me had 1st banged loudly and forcefully 6-times on the closed door between us, boom-boom-boom, pause, boom-boom-boom, awakening me.  He ordered, “open the door, open the door!”.  Obedient, I got up and went to the door.  As I turned the knob and opened it, I snapped, “what do you want?”  The hair-raising surprise I immediately received was that the figure in front of me was a white-robed spirit whose head was above the door frame and whose feet were dangling a couple of feet in front of me above the floor.  The spirit didn’t answer me, but it was evident to him that I had become aware of its presence and what he had said.  Objective accomplished, the spirit quickly accelerated up and away and vanished into the expanses above us.  I then awoke for real.  I had goose bumps.  This completed illumination had been provoked.  “… open the door” was a parable.


In the days leading up to the night that I received this calling I had been intensely thinking about how to fill the gigantic void I had found in what people could access for mindset coaching, thought leadership, self-promotion, highbrow entertainment, and to serve the greater good.  I had come up with solution-oriented ideas to fill the need, yet, had not acted upon them. The dreamt, hollered calling changed that.  Coals of energy that had been simmering within me to take overwhelming action ignited, and the upward thrust from the blaze propelled my efforts to initially create and perpetually improve


Going forward, all high-level topics will eventually have their place here.  They will often be sparked by my weblog “The Ferv.”  Other scholarly leadership will include channeled access to goal-achieving products, services, and content from subject matter experts and me, and they and I will at times provide topical-guidance in webinars, forums, podcasts and/or videos.  The cultured entertainment will include posts from subscribing members.  Come observe and learn and/or participate and lead.


The several purposes of the gathering place are to energize minds, bodies, hearts and souls to take action; to cause people to team for worthy reasons; to draw-out from people more smiles and laughs; to instigate the taking of steps by people towards their next levels; to encourage people as individuals and as groups to take leaps of faith for growth; in essence to influence positive transformations.


When you firstly and then repetitively bound with the faith to contribute scholarly leadership or cultured entertainment, be enlightened that this site is meant to be a vessel enclosing mindful content.  I expect your content to respect yourself and others and expect you to behave in a manner presenting the best version of yourself to the other members.


iferv is here to serve.  Whenever your passions excite you to act, do as I do, I iferv. 


– Ferveo Joe