“Whenever your passions excite you to act, do as I do I iferv.” – Ferveo Joe

iferv.com, leading and guiding, loving and lifting. iferv.com serves all dependable action-taking peoples by providing scholarly leadership, including channeled-access to goal-achieving and self-promoting products, services and content, by providing directed access to mind, body, heart and soul stirring cultured entertainment, and by providing unlimited opportunities for all steady action-takers to be interactive on significant topics with Ferveo Joe, Joe’s special guests, and/or other visitors to this site.

Life, Health and Fitness

Hello to Coaching within all significant areas wherein you want to improve!

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Sports & The Arts

Life is a team sport said Broadway Joe Namath. Ferveo Joe agrees.

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Science & History

Ought mankind seek to assure the continuation of our species by colonizing further and further outposts in space?

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Taken from Ferveo Joe’s 1st Blog … “Illumination.”   A thunderous voice shouted out a mission to me while I laid in bed one winter’s night in early-March 2018.  The commander that was directing me had 1st banged on the closed door between us loudly and forcefully 6-times, boom-boom-boom, pause, boom-boom-boom, awakening me.  I was ordered

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